Shift-IT Public Sector

To keep our communities safe, clean, and efficient it is critical that public sector workers are qualified, on time and in the right location.

Unfortunately, building a schedule within these industries is highly complicated and can be very costly. Balancing employees' individual schedules, while maintaining collective agreements and ensuring you have the proper employees when they are needed is not an easy task. Facilitating shift changes and conflicts only leads to frustration and inefficient schedules.

Shift-IT eliminates the possibility of being understaffed or having unresolved scheduling conflicts. It simplifies building a schedule while keeping your costs low. It is the perfect solution for industries such as EMS, police, public transit, long term care, parks and recreation, firefighting and more!

  • Our highly specialized rules engine can be configured to meet industry-specific schedule criteria. Enforce seniority and overtime rules as well as time off and vacation requirements.
  • Contact your staff right away and keep a record of all previous communications with one-to-many messaging.
  • Keep track of your staff and allow them to clock-in/out on location with a preset geofence distance.
  • Allow employees to trade with each other through their smartphones with optional manager trade approval.
  • Import and export employee data and time reporting to any payroll or MRP system such as SAP.
  • Upload training videos and multiple choice quizzes to train employees and keep all staff up to date with new workplace changes.
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