Shift-IT Dispatch

For scheduling and coordinating field service crews or deliveries, Dispatch is the bomb. From our hosted service, a drag and drop scheduling interface for task assignment allows multiple crews to be coordinated, workload balanced, and location monitored in real time.

Optional integration with existing service ticketing solutions makes it a single touch point for all your crew scheduling and tracking needs. Get a new service call in the middle of the day? Don't roll a truck tomorrow, simply drag and drop the new service call onto the schedule of the nearest field service crew, and get it done today.

At ten dollars per month per crew (5 crews minimum), you will be saving time and money in your first month of use.

  • Innovative geo-fence technology allows for automated timing of service calls, while integration with vehicle GPS tracking systems lets you see where your crews are from a single user interface.
  • Employees can use their iPhone or tablet device to view their schedule, get directions to job sites and post field service notes to the file.
  • Using our web-to-text messaging service, you can contact employees by group, department or job type from a single unified platform. Getting the message out has never been easier!
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